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How can PlaceSpeak help me?

Connect with Community-based Issues

Have you ever been curious about the change of transit route or new rezoning application in your community? PlaceSpeak is a platform that enables you to connect with the decision-makers of your city and discuss issues happening in your residential area. Through PlaceSpeak, local government, property developers, and location-based corporations are provided with an avenue to reach you and hear your feedback. If you are interested in learning about issues happening near you, PlaceSpeak is a simple means of locating information regarding your neighbourhood, as well as large scale issues that effect the entire city.

Create an Issue

You can even upload your own community-based issues. Once you have an account with PlaceSpeak, you can create an issue, determine which parts of the city are affected, create a poll or survey, and upload photos or videos. Once your issue is created, you can sit back and watch the city discuss the issue, or, you can invite your friends through Facebook and Twitter to get the conversation started.

PlaceSpeak provides you with a chance to learn, and speak your mind about issues that affect you. The opportunities are endless when a community is given a platform to communicate with the people who shape your city.

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