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Webinar Recording: 5 Key Trends Shaping Online Citizen Engagement


PlaceSpeak reveals five key trends that are shaping citizen engagement in 2015 in this engaging and thought-provoking webinar. We address trends in Open Data, Open Government, and Citizen Relationship Management. We also explore the idea of the citizen as the canary in the mineshaft, using feedback as a barometer of civic satisfaction, and conclude with a compare and contrast with social media and public participation.

What is included:

Open Data
– Governments of all levels are publishing data sets in the hopes that enterprise will engage citizens
– Land use planning and notifications
– Generating engagement online using the concept of the Seed Topic to rally support

Open Government
– Open government is about transparency in government; public participation is one mechanism to help drive this, but how?
– How to make it easy for everyone so people feel heard and agencies get meaningful feedback
– Case study to compare online success with offline success

Citizen Relationship Management
– Not to be confused with CRM tools; Outreach to citizens is still necessary under the right context
– What about Volunteerism?
– Respect Privacy and you’ll build trust

The Citizen as Civic Barometer
– Citizen engagement
– Neighbourhood Communities
– Media case study

Social Media vs Citizen Engagement
– Contrast social media with proper citizen engagement
– How the two can complement each other in a proper setting
– Why citizen verification is important


About the Speaker

Mark Pivon is Director of Engagement with PlaceSpeak, an online platform purposed towards conducting secure, private and authentic public participation.  He completed the IAP2 certificate program in 2014 and has managed and coordinated many high profile collaboration and empowerment projects at National and Regional levels of both the public and private sector.


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