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Webinar: Innovative Online Public Consultation on the Ottawa River Watershed


Government departments and agencies are increasingly exploring new online tools that will allow citizens to provide input and feedback on key issues. 

Watch our recent webinar to learn how Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) used PlaceSpeak as the citizen engagement platform for its study of the Ottawa River Watershed. In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Why PlaceSpeak was the right fit for the ECCC online public engagement
  • Which features and feedback collection tools were used
  • How they promoted the consultation to get more than 40,000 views on their study site
  • How ECCC will leverage the unique features of PlaceSpeak, even after the study’s online public engagement has come to an end
  • Challenges and lessons learned

Mary Leong

Mary is the Communications Manager at PlaceSpeak. She was attracted to PlaceSpeak’s innovative approach in using verifiable, location-based technology for citizen engagement and hyperlocal governance. In her spare time, Mary enjoys dog videos set to ’90s hip-hop.

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