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Web Summit 2014 People’s Stage: Vote for PlaceSpeak!


Web Summit 2014 is fast approaching, and once again PlaceSpeak is vying for a place on the People’s Stage.


People’s Stage

Colleen Hardwick at Web Summit

Colleen Hardwick at Web Summit 2013

The ‘People’s Stage,’ is an entirely crowd-sourced stage of 50 speakers from around the world chosen through a public vote. Voting will take place over 2 rounds—all nominees go through a first round of voting, and the top 30 of each pool will get put through to the final. The finalists will then submit a video of their proposed talk for the final round of voting.

Last year, with your help, PlaceSpeak CEO Colleen Hardwick placed an impressive 26th out of over 500 submissions  and spoke to an audience of over  8,000 people.  Her experience was so good that we want to return her to the stage this year.  To do so, we need your help.


The first round of voting has begun.  You can Vote for PlaceSpeak’s proposal via a Facebook ‘Like’ HERE.

PlaceSpeak’s Proposal

Here is a summary of PlaceSpeak’s proposal:

Making it Real: Digital ID and GeoAuthentication

Online consultation to date has been anonymous and not tied to place. As a result, the feedback data is unreliable as evidence to adequately inform decision-making and public policy development. White-labeled surveys, and black-box market research panels are insufficient to providing the open and transparent process desperately needed to build trust. Furthermore, sentiment analysis based on social media is “garbage in, garbage out” as a source of defensible evidence for the purposes of both the public and private sector.

placespeak_square_logoPlaceSpeak is ground-breaking because it solves the problem of how to consult with people online within specific geographical boundaries authentically. It solves the problem of protecting individual privacy at the same time as providing vetted feedback data through adhering to privacy by design principles. Most importantly, PlaceSpeak is a game-changer because it addresses the profound cynicism currently infecting our democracy by providing an open, accessible, dynamic, transparent and defensible system for public consultation.

Once again, you can Vote for PlaceSpeak’s proposal via a Facebook ‘Like’ HERE.


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