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The Vast Majority of Canadians are Active Online



Canadians of all ages are world leaders when it comes to internet usage. These data-points show just how engaged Canadians are online.  If anything they underscore the true numbers as most of these data points are already a year old.  Data from Statistics Canada unless otherwise noted.

Canada laptop computer

1.  The average Canadian spends 43.5 hours a month on the Web, almost twice the worldwide average of 23.1 hours. (comScore)
2.  85% of British Columbians and 80% of Canadians have regular access to the Internet.
3.  96% of Canadian internet users go online from home.
4.  92% of Canadians who access the internet from home have a high-speed connection.
5.  75% of Canadians go online every day during a typical month
6.  54% of Canadians would be more engaged in conversations of government policy if they could participate online. (Vision Critical)
7.  52% of Canadians (17.6 million) visit YouTube at least once a month. (comScore)
8.  50% of Canadians (16.6 million) have a Facebook profile. (Inside Facebook)
9.  27% of Canadian Internet users actively contribute content, including posting to blogs, posted photos or joined discussion groups.
10. 25% of Canadian Internet users are over the age of 55.


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