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Last week, PlaceSpeak launched the 2012 Urban Futures Survey. This survey is designed to measure the importance of a number of issues for residents across the Lower Mainland. It is the third version the survey, first undertaken in 1973 and again in 1990. The past surveys informed the creation of the Livable Region Plan and the Choosing our Future program. Together, these initiatives helped shape the metro region we see today.

The present survey will allow communities across the region to forecast and anticipate the needs and desires of the Lower Mainland’s 2.1 million residents. The survey will be instrumental in meeting the long-term social and economic goals of the region. You can take the survey here.

To help promote this important survey, we have created several public service announcements featuring some of the regions most prominent citizens. Here is a sample.  Stay tuned for more!

Metro Vancouver broadcasting legend Red Robinson asks for your help in shaping the future of our region by completing the Urban Futures Survey.

Former Vancouver mayor and premier of British Columbia, Mike Harcourt explains how the Urban Futures Survey needs your input to shape the future that we all want for our region.

Singer-songwriter Jim Byrnes makes his home in Metro Vancouver and is asking you to take a few minutes to complete the Urban Futures Survey and help shape the future of your community.
You can also view these videos on our Vimeo and YouTube pages.


The 2012 Urban Futures Survey is being conducted with the sponsorship of the non-profit Lambda Alpha International—the Society of Urban Land Economists—with the support of the Real Estate Foundation of British Columbia, the City of Vancouver, the City of Surrey, the City of North Vancouver, Translink, and Vancity.



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