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New Topic: Vancouver Community Centre Associations


Via Vancouver Community Centre Associations:

Vancouver Community Centre AssociationsYour local community centre association operates the community centre collaboratively with the Parks Board.

These associations are non-partisan organizations that are made up of elected members of your neighbourhood. This ensures community-based decision-making: the Associations act on behalf of your community and choose the programming, maintain the facilities and, above all, develop and nurture your unique neighbourhood’s identity from the ground up.

Associations have over 10 million dollars saved and earmarked for future improvements to your community centre and community. This ensures that each neighbourhood has a direct say in how these funds should be used for local improvements.

Associations are registered societies and some are registered charities. This status allows for associations to apply for grants. The associations have collected millions of dollars over the decades that go into programs and services. Only registered not-for-profit societies are eligible for most grants we receive.

The Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation and the City’s proposed model eradicates the collaborative role of Community Associations, effectively eliminating meaningful and localized community involvement.  These changes have the very real potential to have detrimental effects on both the cohesion of communities and accessibility of services.  The proposed changes by the City of Vancouver are being aggressively implemented without any public consultation, despite the widespread repercussions that these shifts will have on service delivery and community cohesion.

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