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Topic Update: Fahr Lands – East St. Paul

Fahr Lands

Fahr Lands

Our first topic in Manitoba has recently been updated.  The Fahr Group believes that the community engagement process is crucial to the development of a new subdivision in East St. Paul, near Winnipeg, Manitoba. They want their proposed neighbourhoods to reflect a shared vision of the community. To achieve this vision, Fahr Group is engaging current residents through open forums to better understand their needs and wants for this growing community and share more about their plans.

Developers are often criticized with not providing clear or enough information during the development process and PlaceSpeak gives the Fahr Group the tool to provide clear  credible information. Using PlaceSpeak, Fahr Group is welcoming community input that will help with NIMBY residents and will allow for community engagement 24 hours a day rather than the traditional open house format.

Learn more on the Fahr Lands – East St. Paul topic page.

Background: Fahr Lands – East St. Paul

From the Fahr Group website

As a family company, the Fahr Group has deep roots in East St. Paul. We know just how much the community has to offer. We love how seamlessly country living and urban amenities combine in our community, as our new neighbourhood development takes shape in the area, we are dedicated to ensuring they are in keeping with East St. Paul’s enduring natural charm.

A vision with community values

Our residential neighbourhood will reflect the character and appeal of East St. Paul. Properties will offer breathtaking views as well as effortless access to waterways, recreation and wildlife – all with a walkable, community village feel. Complementary mixed use neighbourhoods will be designed to provide a variety of amenities and more of the services residents want.  An authentic sense of community and the custom options and enhanced features buyers will highlight the unique appeal of East St. Paul.

Community Input

Our new neighbourhoods will reflect a shared vision for East St. Paul. We will engage current residents through open forums to better understand their needs and wants for this growing community and share more about our plans.

Integration with East St Paul

Municipal services such as water and sewer are important for all residents. We will work closely with the RM to ensure new development is in keeping with municipal development plans, zoning by-laws and provincial regulations and that current levels of service are maintained for all residents.


We are committed to environmental innovation and sustainability. Open spaces will incorporate carefully planned wetlands and native grasses to strengthen ties to the natural features that make East St. Paul so unique. Pathways and trails linking residents to park spaces and waterways will connect with municipal walkways and promote active living. In addition, our new community will incorporate sustainable concepts and practices in everything from roadway design and drainage to the use of recycled materials and draw on ideas consistent with (LEED-ND) Neighbourhood Development.

We are committed to building a long-term relationship with East St. Paul and its residents, helping to develop our community with vision and values that we all share.


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