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Topic Update: Calgary North Central Light Rail Transit (LRT)

Downtown Calgary Skyline

City of Calgary

The City of Calgary is working to improve transportation choices that will connect Calgarians and their communities. As part of this commitment, and to meet Council’s direction from 2012, The City is continuing a concept study to determine where the future north-central leg of the light rail transit network (NC LRT) should go to provide the best transit service for the community. The concept study is currently underway and will be completed in 2014.

The future NC LRT will help complete and tie into Calgary’s existing LRT system. It will travel between the city centre and future communities north of Stoney Trail, providing service to existing communities along the way.

You can learn more by visiting the North Central LRT PlaceSpeak topic page.

Project Update

Three open houses in early June and a workshop in late July attracted more than 700 Calgarians, who provided ideas and comments on how to ‘fit’ LRT into Calgary’s north central communities. Participants identified important places in the community that need to be connected to LRT, along with ideas on how to evaluate different LRT  route options in the north central corridor. The input received from  citizens will be used to help plan and evaluate route options for the North Central LRT project.

The project team will report back to Calgarians on the open house and workshop findings and continue the conversation  with citizens with events in late fall 2013. Please continue to stay informed and participate online by registering with PlaceSpeak and subscribing to project updates. 


Why the North Central LRT?

The future NC LRT will be one of six LRT lines in Calgary. The NC LRT and the Southeast LRT lines do not have funding. While the NC LRT may not be built for the next 20 years, knowing the route and its relationship within the communities is essential to help guide future decisions, including improvements to existing transit service and best use of land and community development.

When complete, the NC LRT will provide safe, reliable transit service. The North Central area is the busiest bus transit service area in the city based on the number of buses per day. Each weekday, more Calgarians choose Calgary Transit to travel along Centre Street than drive, and demand for transit will continue to increase dramatically in the future. The Keystone neighbourhood (north of Stoney Trail) will see 55,000 new residents and 10,000 new jobs over the next 20 years, with the neighbourhood south of Stoney Trail (expected be completed in 2014) adding 145,000 new residents.


In 2006, Calgary City Council approved an alignment for the NC LRT that roughly paralleled Nose Creek and Deerfoot Trail along the Canadian Pacific rail line. In 2011, the City engaged with citizens to better understand if that route was the best option. Calgarians responded, highlighting a number of key values and expectations, including the need to look more closely at the Centre Street and Edmonton Trail options.

The LRT route north of Beddington Trail will travel along Harvest Hills Boulevard, regardless of which of the three routes is determined through the study.


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