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New Topic: Town of Slave Lake Infrastructure Recovery Program


PlaceSpeak would like to announce the launch of a new topic for the Town of Slave Lake in northern Alberta.

Town of Slave Lake Infrastructure Recovery Program on PlaceSpeak

Project Overview

Many areas in the Town of Slave Lake (the Town) experienced infrastructure damage due to fire, fire-fighting activities, increased heavy load traffic, and other construction activities during demolition and private home re-construction efforts.

The Town was fortunate to receive provincial funding for infrastructure rehabilitation needs throughout the recovery zone. The Infrastructure Recovery Program budget of $30M includes road and utility repairs and reconstruction.

The Town is responsible for providing residents and businesses with a certain level of infrastructure and services. As the Town continues to re-build following the fire of May 2011, road closures, construction and other activities may interfere with normal routine or service delivery.

To learn more and join the discussion, visit the Town of Slave Lake Infrastructure Recovery Program topic page on PlaceSpeak.

Infrastructure Recovery Program Objectives

The Infrastructure Recovery Program objective is the rehabilitation of infrastructure impacted by the fire and post-fire reconstruction activities. The Infrastructure Recovery Program includes construction activities to return the local road, water, sewer and drainage infrastructure to a condition consistent with the community’s long term expectations and consistent with the quality of new homes and businesses.

  • Infrastructure will be constructed in a timely and cost efficient manner to serve existing and potential customers.
  • Infrastructure will provide for system redundancy and reliability.
  • Infrastructure will be flexible and designed to  consider to previous service levels and future service demands.
  • Infrastructure construction will be planned to provide maximum notice in order to minimize impact and interference with daily routine as work proceeds.
  • Construction work will be planned to minimize impact on the community through monitoring and mitigation practices including: air quality, water quality, noise, and impact on the natural and built environment.

Infrastructure Recovery Program Activities

During the construction work over the next four years, residents and business owners will be provided with regular updates as construction will, for periods of time, result in limited access to homes and businesses and the disruption of transportation routes.  Activities to be undertaken over the course of the Program include:

  • Site review
  • Procurement planning
  • Public communication
  • Design services for 4 year plan
  • Construction services
  • Post construction

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