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New Topic: Dockside Green Community Conversations


PlaceSpeak is proud to announce our latest topic in Victoria, British Columbia.

Join Dockside Green for a series of conversations about the future of the community.

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Dockside Green is entering a phase of re-engagement with the City of Victoria, residents and citizens in the surrounding neighbourhoods.

The community has played an important role contributing to some great achievements at Dockside Green over the last decade. With a new team in place and a renewed commitment to completing the project, the project team wants to honour and learn from the goodwill and hard work that many in our community have invested in Dockside Green. They want to consider how those early ideas will be realized today.

Alongside its 300 residents and 16 businesses, Dockside Green will add 1 million sq.ft. of mixed use development, making it a complete new neighborhood for an evolving Victoria. Through an open and collaborative process, the Dockside team will revise its neighbourhood plan so that work on this project can continue. Specifics will change, but the project remains committed to creating a vibrant local economy that builds on the talent, knowledge, and ability in the Victoria West community and the city at large. The goal is to build on the original innovation of Dockside Green and address a number of issues that are providing challenges to us moving forward.


Dockside Green is not a blank slate. The fundamental values of the neighbourhood plan are—and will continue to be—grounded in sustainability: social, environmental and economic. This consultation’s goal is to make sure what happens on the site is relevant, vibrant and enduring for residents and all citizens of Victoria.

Commitment to Community Engagement

Looking to the future, the team wants your input and ultimately, your involvement in moving the next phase of Dockside Green forward. There will be a series of community briefings, workshops and feedback sessions over the coming months. Each session will build on the last, will reaffirm project values and will ask for your input into what the Dockside Green Neighbourhood can offer the community; not only in what is built, but how vital places that support and energize the future of Victoria West and the City of Victoria are created.

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Dockside Green on PlaceSpeak

For those who cannot attend the scheduled events, or those looking for more information on the project and its history, Dockside Green has set up a PlaceSpeak topic page.  Here, you can learn more about the project, download briefing documents, and join the discussion forum to share you views online.

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