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New Topic: Coquitlam Ecosystems and Well-Being


Watershed Watch Salmon Society, a Coquitlam-based salmon conservation charity, is seeking feedback on ecosystem services and well-being in the Coquitlam watershed to promote watershed planning and resilience-based ecosystem stewardship.

“Watershed Watch, working with the Coquitlam River Watershed Roundtable, has selected the Coquitlam River watershed as a case study in promoting ecosystem stewardship,” said Craig Orr, a Coquitlam resident and Executive Director of the Society.  “We’re interested in the views of people who live in or use the watershed.  We want to know how the watershed may influence their general well-being.”

Watershed Watch has set up a survey using the location-based PlaceSpeak  polling platform to solicit feedback on a unique watershed plan that measures and monitors ecosystem services and human well-being.

“We’re encouraging watershed residents to enrol with PlaceSpeak and fill out our ecosystem services survey” said Orr. “This feedback will be vital in advancing watershed stewardship and planning.”

Watershed WatchWatershed Watch Society is a non-profit society concerned about the state of salmon in our rivers and watersheds.

With support from The Bullitt Foundation, the Society is assisting the Coquitlam River Watershed Roundtable on developing what is believed to be Canada’s first watershed plan based on principles of resilience-based ecosystem stewardship.


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