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The Vancouver Maritime Museum Wants to Know What Kits Point Residents Think


The Vancouver Maritime Museum has created a topic on PlaceSpeak asking the residents of Kits Point how they feel about trolley buses visiting the museum. If you live in Kits Point and would like to have your opinions heard follow these three easy steps:

Step 1: Register as a local resident at www.PlaceSpeak.com

Step 2: Browse Issues and CONNECT with the MARITIME MUSEUM

Step 3: Speak your mind by answering the poll and participating in the discussion



  1. Steve W Oatway June 10, 2011

    I am a least a 2nd generation Vancouverite, a Historian, and a Trolley Driver, with friends on Kit’s Point. I really enjoy driving there as I love being by the ocean, and it is a terrific museum. We follow the strict instructions to NEVER ring the bell anywhere on Kits Point. We just started stopping here this season, and I can’t comment on the current arrangement as I am not the Owner.

  2. Lynne Kent June 29, 2011

    No they should not. The agreement with the Trolley company was that they would make one stop in this residential neighborhood at the Vancouver Museum servicing all the institutions. It is ridiculous to impose extra bus traffic on residents, pedestrians, park users, crisscrossing the seawall and bike route 42 times a day. Granville Island has one stop and it is outside of the island. It is also where everyone gets off the bus, so not a deterrent to people visiting places they want to visit.


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