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Surrey Schools: Revising Our Social Media Policy

Surrey Schools: Revising Our Social Media Policy

Surrey Schools: Revising Our Social Media Policy

We are in the midst of an information revolution. The ways in which children are using social media today is transforming the way they access and use information, and the ways in which they connect with their peers.  As a result, the Surrey School District is using PlaceSpeak to seek community feedback as it renews its policy on the responsible use of information and communications technologies.

The district has had a strong and representative working committee of students, parents and staff develop a draft policy that focuses on safety, privacy, responsible online citizenship, social networking, online publishing and mobile devices. Now all Surrey school communities are asked to participate as this work it impacts so many people. They also feel this is an ideal opportunity to go online with consultation as the policy addresses online social responsibility. 

Surrey Schools logoThe purpose of the PlaceSpeak topic page is to share some of our directions as a district and to ask for input on questions that parents and our community may have or want the district  to consider. In the discussion area of this website, we are asking for your opinion on 6 key questions.  You can also visit the resource area where you will find video and print resources which offer more information about our direction as a district for revising our social media policy.

Surrey Schools hope that this will be a starting point for ongoing dialogue on a variety of issues. This is an optional process for parents and other community members. Your privacy is respected and protected. Participants’ addresses are used only to find what area they live in so feedback can be grouped by neighbourhood.  


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