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Help Support PlaceSpeak and “Claim your Place”



Claim your place. Speak your mind.


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What is PlaceSpeak?

PlaceSpeak is an online location-based system that connects authenticated users with proponents of issues in their community. We are currently testing several pilot projects.


Why should I get involved?

Because you care about your community. Because you can influence local decisions.


How do I claim my place?

We use a simple secure 2-step digital identity verification process.

Step 1: Create an account; claim and verify your residential address here.

Step 2: Browse and connect to issues here.


What about my Privacy?

Only you can see your profile. PlaceSpeak is not funded by advertising and we will never sell or disclose your information.


Tell me more?

Please join and stay tuned as new features are added. Thank you in advance!


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