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Staff Spotlight: Hedi Rashidi


With over two years of experience in international urban planning, Hedi Rashidi joins the PlaceSpeak team as a Community Engagement Manager. Her interests include the transformation of cities resulting from urban planning/design, and the necessity of effective public engagement throughout the planning process.

Hedi received her Masters in Urban Design from University of British Columbia. She also obtained a post-baccalaureate diploma in Sustainable Community Development from Simon Fraser University with a background in urban planning. Her interest in playing an active role in urban planning and design practices led her to research various topics during her studies, from climate change and environmental design to urban development policies.

Hedi’s eagerness to play an active role in improving planning/design practices aligns with PlaceSpeak’s innovative approach to public engagement. As Community Engagement Manager, Hedi will reach out to neighbourhood associations and planning/architecture firms to introduce PlaceSpeak’s unique technology and values to the urban planning world. She aspires to build trust and transparency in the decision-making process.

“A lot of people are not necessarily anti-development. Often, they’re not adequately informed or don’t trust the process. If we can create a more transparent process where people are willing to be open-minded and hear each other out rather than just fighting, we can achieve the best possible results for our neighbourhoods.”

Welcome to the team, Hedi!

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