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Serial Entrepreneur Chris Webber joins the PlaceSpeak team as COO

Chris Webber

Chris Webber joins PlaceSpeak as COO

June 11, 2015, Vancouver, BC. Serial GIS entrepreneur, Chris has started in the role of COO with PlaceSpeak. He brings over twenty-five years of experience in owning and operating technology and manufacturing firms.

“PlaceSpeak’s double-sided market creates so many interesting opportunities for the company to address Government, Commercial and Consumer markets,” said Chris Webber. “My focus is to capitalize on those opportunities to take the company to the next stage.”

Chris is a transformational leader, starting with the first firm that he worked with. He helped the first company he worked with grow from 5 to 75 staff in two years. He took that passion for growth to start a manufacturing company that he took public and today has a valuation in excess of $20m. His next technology company sold to MDA Corporation.

Chris founded Pacific Alliance Technologies to provide and support software for Local Governments. After operating it for over fifteen years he sold it to StarDyne Technologies to further its growth.

“As a company founder and operator, Chris provides the unique perspective of someone that’s successfully grown many companies in the past,” chimed in Colleen Hardwick. “Adding Chris to the PlaceSpeak mix bodes well for our commercialization”.

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About PlaceSpeak
PlaceSpeak is revolutionizing the online public consultation business. Public consultation is required broadly as part of the democratic process. Governments at all levels directly or indirectly require consultation on a range of issues, most of which are geographically defined. PlaceSpeak taps into that need to consult and adds value by generating verifiable data to support public policy development and local decision-making. PlaceSpeak takes the guesswork out of online consultation.

At PlaceSpeak public consultation goes hand-in-hand with public participation. PlaceSpeak proponents are encouraged to participate in their local area through PlaceSpeak’s neighbourhood functionality.


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