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The Importance of Verified Civic Engagement

admin June 5, 2023

PlaceIt Map Upgraded

admin April 4, 2023


admin February 27, 2023

In Conversation with Michael Zinck

admin May 23, 2023

PlaceSpeak CEO speaks at the 2023 Global Forum on Modern Direct Democracy – Mexico City

admin May 15, 2023

Customer Success: Living on the Saanich Peninsula as if it Matters

admin May 3, 2023

Sarath Jayewardena is a software developer at PlaceSPeakSoftware Developer


Sarath holds a PhD in Physics from University of Berne, Switzerland. He saw firsthand the emergence of world wide web and grew with it. Like many physicists of his time he was attracted to the latest advancements in IT and soon became a full-time IT guy.


A long time Linux affiliate, Sarath worked as an instructor in Computing Science in Sri Lanka and Canada for many years while at the same time helping the organizations he worked for build open-technology-based IT infrastructure.  He draws enormous satisfaction from creating functionally beautiful software.


Most recently he has had a lot of fun with Python and Django which, together with his Linux know-how, landed him at PlaceSpeak.

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