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Renewing Riverview—Third Online Open House

Renewing Riverview

The Renewing Riverview team has updated their PlaceSpeak topic page and launched a third online open house.

Renewing Riverview

Your turn to rate the illustrations!

This is your chance to participate in the third online open house. We’d love to hear what you think about the illustrated ideas for the Riverview Lands. The illustrations are a result of a co-design process led by architect and urban designer Stanley King.

The last day to rate the illustrations is January 16, 2015. Results of the ratings, both the in-person open houses and online rating session, will be available as part of the Final Summary Report.

Questions/comments: [email protected]

We appreciate you participating in this topic and helping influence the outcome.



It all Starts with a Vision

In 2013, the Province announced a new visioning process on the future use of the Riverview lands. The visioning process was launched in February 2014. The goal of the process is to build consensus among stakeholders, groups and people at the local, regional and provincial level on the future use of the Riverview Lands.

The objective is to identify potential future uses for the site and inform the City of Coquitlam as it develops neighborhood planning.  The process is informed by a set of guiding principles and aims to balance community values, government requirements and economic sustainability.

BC Housing is leading the visioning process to guide the future use of the Riverview Lands. The goal is to balance the social, economic and environmental objectives of the provincial government, City of Coquitlam and the community.


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