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Reinventing Trust in the Digital Age: PlaceSpeak’s Landmark Achievement


In a world where trust in social media and government is waning, PlaceSpeak emerges as a beacon of reliability and authenticity. We’re proud to announce a groundbreaking accomplishment: PlaceSpeak is the first digital citizen engagement platform to earn the prestigious TrustMark from the Digital Governance Council (DGC) in Canada. This milestone is not just an achievement for us; it’s a significant step forward in reinstating trust in digital governance and public engagement.

A Milestone for PlaceSpeak 

As a member of the Digital Governance Council, PlaceSpeak has recently participated in the pilot implementation of the Digital Trust Conformity Assessment Program. Through a rigorous and objective process, PlaceSpeak has been independently verified by DGC, exemplifying digital trust and compliance. 

PlaceSpeak’s achievement in obtaining the DGC Trustmark is more than just a verification; it is a testament to their unwavering commitment to protecting and respecting the data of their stakeholders. Clients and partners can now engage with PlaceSpeak with enhanced confidence, knowing that their information is managed within an environment that prioritizes digital security and adherence to best practices.

The Crisis of Trust

In recent years, public confidence in social media and government institutions has reached an all-time low. Misinformation, data breaches, and anonymous trolls have eroded the bedrock of trust that democratic societies rely on. Amidst this landscape of uncertainty, the need for verifiable and genuine digital interaction has never been more acute.

PlaceSpeak: A Solution Rooted in Trust

PlaceSpeak was conceived in 2010 with a vision to restore faith in digital citizen engagement. Our unique approach connects digital identity to physical locations, ensuring that feedback and engagement come from real, relevant individuals. This not only promotes transparency but also enriches the quality of data, making it a powerful tool for evidence-based policy making.

Empowering Communities and Governments

By establishing a platform where voices are authenticated and heard, PlaceSpeak empowers communities to engage in meaningful dialogues. Governments and public sector organizations can now interact with their citizens in a secure, transparent environment, reinforcing the pillars of democracy. This is how we contribute to rebuilding trust – by ensuring that every voice counts and is counted correctly.

Looking Ahead: A Future Anchored in Trust

As we move forward, PlaceSpeak remains committed to enhancing and expanding our platform, guided by the principles of popular control, inclusiveness, and transparency. Our goal is to strengthen the fabric of digital democracy, one interaction at a time.

We invite you to join us in this journey, to reshape the landscape of public engagement and to rebuild the trust that binds our communities together. Let’s make every digital interaction count.


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