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Real-Time Federal Election Poll Visualizer


In the lead-up to the federal election, we’ve partnered with NEWS1130 to determine the voting intentions of citizens in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. Our innovative, geo-authenticated poll has garnered some interesting new data that is very much spatial and deserves to be showcased on a map. We’re working with CartoDB civic technologist Santiago Giraldo Anduaga to visualize these results in an interactive, real-time manner.

Here are some of the key features that differentiate this visualization from traditional forms of representing polling data.

It shows opinion changes over time.
You can watch the coloured dots (based on political party colour) animate as respondents’ indicate their party preferences, or grab the slider to scroll back and forth through the history of the consultation.

Results are linked to location and riding boundaries. 
Through PlaceSpeak’s focus on geo-authenticated polling data, respondents are able to visualize the party preferences of other users in their riding.

Results appear (almost) in real time.
No more waiting for surveys to close — if you live in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland, take NEWS1130’s federal election poll and your input will appear on the map within the hour.

We’re looking forward to visualizing the data from other participating cities (CalgaryTorontoOttawa, Kitchener, and Halifax).


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  1. donna Cochrane September 18, 2015

    Let me know more how I could be of support

  2. donna Cochrane September 18, 2015

    I like what you are doing and want to suuport your project . let me know what can do for support

  3. steph nicolls September 20, 2015

    Could you explain whether or not the poll on the Federal Election by PlaceSpeak is predictive? If so, does there not have to be a critical mass of participants in any one riding in order for the PlaceSpeak poll to be scientifically accurate?


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