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Public Consultation in Community Energy Planning

Community engagement throughout the five-step framework used to create a CEP.

Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 11.01.34 AMAs an online participation platform, PlaceSpeak offers a range of web-based tools to support evidence-based decision-making and policy development by facilitating stakeholder and public participation in a variety of different community plans.

For example, PlaceSpeak has been very successful at incorporating stakeholder and public opinion on a wide variety of topics in the Official Community Plans (OCPs) of Chilliwack, Cumberland, Kent, and Port Moody in British Columbia (BC).

Additionally, PlaceSpeak has facilitated successful stakeholder and public consultations during the creation of the transportation plans for New Westminster, BC and Nanaimo, BC, the infrastructure plan for Parksville, BC, and the sustainability plan for Orange County, CA.

Nonetheless, as communities begin to face significant issues of population growth, urbanization, climate change, and unsustainable development, the need for stakeholder and public engagement in Community Energy Plans (CEP) will become increasingly important for the long-term competitiveness, prosperity, and resilience of our cities.

This research report by Sinead Murphy, a Master of Resource Management (Planning) Candidate at Simon Fraser University, explores the CEP process and highlights why stakeholder and public participation throughout the process is essential for the creation of a successful CEP.  PlaceSpeak’s utility in the CEP process is discussed and a guide demonstrating best practices to CEP topic page set-up and promotion on PlaceSpeak’s platform is included.


Stakeholder and Public Consultation in Community Energy Planning by PlaceSpeak
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