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A Planning Tour of Vancouver’s West End



This Saturday, Gordon Price, director of the City Program at SFU—and PlaceSpeak advisor—will be leading a  planning tour of Vancouver’s West End. The tour is hosted by the Heritage Vancouver Society. Details below.

Photograph by Richard Smith on Flickr.  Taken from the Coast Plaza hotel today, on the 35th floor. What a view!

Photograph by Richard Smith on Flickr.

The West end reveals about eight different architectural stages, from fine wooden mansions to functional wooden walk-ups, not to mention more highrise towers than any other neighbourhood in Canada. But how did it all come about—and why Gordon will explain some of the planning theory and trends that shaped the West End—and some of the lessons to be learned.

Time: 10am to 12pm
Tour guide: Gordon Price
Tickets: Heritage Vancouver Members $10; Non-members $15
Meet: in Barclay Heritage Square (map)




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