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PlaceSpeak’s End of Year Highlights Roundup


2015 has been an amazing year for PlaceSpeak, with more organizations and citizens than ever engaging through our platform. Though there were many to pick from, here are our top five highlights from the past 12 months.

1. Global Consultations

We continue to see more and more organizations across the globe recognize the importance of authenticated, legitimate consultation with topics including everything from schools boundaries to feral cats in countries including Canada, USA, Australia and United Kingdom.

2. NEWS 1130

PlaceSpeak’s features go beyond public consultation: we’re encouraging civic participation on all fronts. Working with NEWS 1130, we polled Metro Vancouver residents on the 2015 Vancouver Transportation and Transit Plebiscite. PlaceSpeak’s poll results were strikingly accurate to the actual results.

During the 2015 Canadian Federal Election, we collaborated again with NEWS 1130 to conduct a poll on voter intention over time. We were able to showcase the results in real time with our CartoDB map.

3. New Civic Notifications around Open Data

PlaceSpeak has received support from the Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP) to enable us to innovate in the area of Open Data. Through this support we developed and launched our Civic Notifications feature, which pulls open data on land-use change from participating cities and automatically notifies residents of changes in their area.

The City of Victoria became the first organization get on board, making it easy for people living in Victoria to stay up-to-date and informed, and engage fully in the decision-making process.

4. Launch of Neighbourhoods

PlaceSpeak is helping to build community and foster neighbourhood connections by providing the residents of over 1,700 neighbourhoods in 15 cities with a verified, secure, and private way to engage with each other.

Don’t see your city on the list? Let us know! We’ll get on it.


5. French Platform Translation

We continued to make PlaceSpeak the most accessible and user friendly way to engage in legitimate online consultation and community engagement by introducing a full French translation of the platform meaning organizations can now hold consultations in both of Canada’s official languages.

PlaceSpeak French


So there you have our top 5 highlights from the last 12 months. Feel free to let us know if you have and favourite moments in the comments section.

We would also like to personally thank all our customers, users and partners who have shared the year with us and who continue to engage online and improve the democratic process through legitimate consultation.

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