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PlaceSpeak Welcomes Victor Temprano to the Team


Victor_TempranoPlaceSpeak is pleased to announce that Victor Temprano has joined the team as a Software Developer.

Victor was born on traditional Katzie territory (Maple Ridge, BC) and grew up in the Okanagan. He has been working as a freelance developer since 2009, and has been involved in a wide variety of projects – from simple websites, to big e-commerce sites, to in-browser 3D animation. Recently, Victor built native-land.net – an interactive tool helping North Americans become more acquainted with Indigenous history.

As a Software Developer, Victor is responsible for working in both the front and back end, as well as cleaning up and adding new features to PlaceSpeak. He is eager to help make the platform a friendlier and more engaging space for citizens and users. As Victor states,

“I’ve been interested in both computers and social activism since I was a kid, so PlaceSpeak is a great fit for me. I look forward to bringing my passion for social engagement to PlaceSpeak and hope to bring more users on board to help them influence their world. Technical development is a lot of fun, but the real heart of PlaceSpeak seems to be the community – and the goal of the platform is to ultimately serve and engage members of the community.”

Welcome to the team, Victor!


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  1. steph nicolls September 20, 2015

    I always like to receive a copy of the comments I make online. PlaceSpeak should enable this, I think.


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