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PlaceSpeak welcomes Gordon Hardwick as Business Development Executive


Gordon Hardwick brings decades of community engagement experience to PlaceSpeak. After studying geography and political science in college, he spent the last 30 years leading the effort to ensure BC remains one of the most successful motion picture production centres in North America.

Focusing on the use of temporary locations for motion picture production, Gordon worked as a location manager for producers until being hired by the provincial government in 1999 to coordinate the development of a community engagement strategy at the BC Film Commission. As Manager of Community Affairs 1999 – 2013, he lead the effort to develop supportive production guidelines and policies at the local,regional, provincial and federal government levels. He was also the focal point to address production related issues.

As well he led in the development of key communications strategies including, A Cast of Millions community relations initiative. Later he led the Reel Green sustainability initiative for motion picture production and Partners on Screen, an industry community partnership initiative designed to engage local governments and ensure standardization of a high level of client service throughout the Province, no matter where producers chose to film.

Gordon has a keen interest in technology solutions that assist in better communication and engagement. He was lead in the development of the BC Film Commission’s websites and location image asset and production related CRM database. When the BC Film Commission was transformed into Creative BC in 2013, Gordon led in the development of the new brand, website, a new solutions for location image asset and production issue management.

Gordon was an early adopter of PlaceSpeak, having seen the value of authentic engagement when dealing with issues related to film production activity. As an early investor, he was convinced that with the right technology development PlaceSpeak could be a game changer in the world of place-based citizen engagement. Gordon is excited by the opportunities afforded him as Business Development Executive at PlaceSpeak.

Welcome to the team, Gordon!


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