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What Makes PlaceSpeak Unique



Bob Ransford, a public affairs consultant and urban designer, highlights two key features that make PlaceSpeak a unique—and effective—public consultation platform.

Transcript: What Makes PlaceSpeak Unique

I think the idea of being able to geographically define an issue and the people discussing that issue is somewhat unique. I’ve looked at other platforms out there that have been developed over the years to engage people electronically as technology has evolved. I think what makes this one unique is that you are able to geographically locate those people who are participating, even to the point of being able to authenticate their geographic location. [This] adds some validity to their involvement. It also allows you to measure where opinions are coming from. I think that one of the real strengths of the tool is that geographic ability is there.

I think the other strength is that it’s a brand new platform making use of all the technology out there today; multimedia technology, so people can not only engage through text and messaging things like that on message boards, but they can also engage on video and photography and all those other things. I think that makes the platform unique as well.


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