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PlaceSpeak Summer Social



The PlaceSpeak team gathered on August 11th to catch up with each other, celebrate the awesome weather and say farewell to our summer interns. We had a great time.

Here are some pictures:

Colleen Hardwick, Yuri Artibise, Lauara Ouk, Samatha Burtnick, William Wu

Members of the PlaceSpeak crew: Yuri, Colleen, Laura, Samantha, and William.

Yuri Artibise, Colleen Hardwick + Justen Harcourt

A new generation of Vancouver urbanists: Yuri (Son of Alan Artibise ), Colleen (daughter of Walter Hardwick), Justen (son of Mike Harcourt).


David Vogt, Colleen Hardwick, Ken Cameron, and Yuri Artibise

David Vogt, Colleen Hardwick, Ken Cameron, and Yuri Artibise.

David Vogt and Colleen Hardwick

David Vogt and Colleen Hardwick.

David Vogt and Ken Cameron

David Vogt and Ken Cameron.

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