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PlaceSpeak releases WordPress Geo-Verification Plugin


VANCOUVER, BC – PlaceSpeak, a pioneering location-based citizen engagement platform, today released the PlaceSpeak Connect plugin which allows any organization using WordPress to verify the location of participating users.

The WordPress plugin is based on the PlaceSpeak Connect GeoID API, which allows third-party organizations to integrate PlaceSpeak’s unique geo-verification technology into any application or website. The plugin simplifies the process for WordPress websites. Any WordPress administrator can define the geographic boundaries for a topic of interest (e.g. neighbourhood, town, city, region, etc.), and break down the feedback collected by geographical area. Website visitors can also log in and leave comments using their PlaceSpeak account.

“An API is an application programming interface–that means that other people can write some code for their website to talk to our website, and add our place-based verification tools to the methods they’re already using for gathering public comment,” said Hugh Stimson, Product Manager. “The nice thing about a plugin is that, if you’re using WordPress, we’ve already written the code for doing the talking. You just need to install it.”

With 25% of all websites being powered by WordPress, there is great potential for the use of the PlaceSpeak Connect plugin. It is ideal for government agencies, advocacy organizations, and any group wishing to strengthen the reliability and defensibility of their citizen engagement processes. For example, the plugin can be integrated into WordPress comments or form submissions to verify the location of participants, providing additional confidence in the relevancy and accuracy of the data collected.

The PlaceSpeak Connect plugin can be downloaded from the WordPress Plugin Directory. The plugin is open-source and documentation is also available.


About PlaceSpeak

PlaceSpeak is a pioneering location-based citizen engagement platform that solves the problem of how to consult with people online within specific geographical boundaries. Developed with the support of the National Research Council of Canada, PlaceSpeak has expanded across Canada, into the USA, Northern Ireland, UK and Tasmania, Australia. For more information, please visit http://placespeak.com.  

Media Contact:

Mary Leong
Communications Manager, PlaceSpeak Inc.
[email protected]  

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