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PlaceSpeak Partners with FoxWise Technologies to Give Communities a Real Voice


VANCOUVER, BC – PlaceSpeak and FoxWise Technologies Inc. announce their strategic partnership to promote PlaceSpeak’s innovative and secure cloud-based software for Community Engagement and Consultation.

“Giving people a voice on community based issues is more important today than it has ever been,” said Sam Damm, President and founder of FoxWise Technologies Inc. FoxWise is a technology solutions company with 18 years of experience serving the Canadian market. FoxWise is focused on supporting solutions that can improve the lives of First Nations people in Canada and assisting our Federal Government with rapid adoption of new ways of gathering valuable data to promote better outcomes.

PlaceSpeak is a pioneering location-based citizen engagement platform designed to consult with community members and key stakeholders within specific jurisdictional or geographic boundaries. Its unique geo-verification technology ensures that decision-makers are gathering feedback and hearing from from real, relevant people within affected communities. By authenticating participants, PlaceSpeak deters negative online behaviour such as trolling and spamming, allowing for respectful and impactful dialogue on challenging issues.

“PlaceSpeak makes online engagement as painless as possible by eliminating the trolls and bots that so often make the internet unpleasant. At the same time, PlaceSpeak makes it possible to ensure that only relevant people can participate, for reliable evidence-based decision-making,” said Colleen Hardwick, CEO. “We are thrilled to be working with Foxwise to get the good word out about PlaceSpeak.”

Together, our two Canadian companies are committed to maintaining the highest level of individual privacy while providing a authenticated way for people to provide meaningful input on the issues both Government and First Nations Communities deal with every day.


FoxWise Technologies Inc.
Enza Alexander, Executive Vice President
Phone:  416-216-7689
Email:  [email protected]

PlaceSpeak Inc.
Mary Leong,  Communications Manager
Phone: 604-336-6977
Email:  [email protected]

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