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PlaceSpeak Launches on TELUS IoT Marketplace


VANCOUVER, BC – Today, PlaceSpeak announced its launch on the TELUS IoT (Internet of Things) Marketplace, which connects public and private sector organizations to products and tools developed by TELUS partners.

The IoT Marketplace curates ready-to-implement solutions across a wide range of industries to help businesses become more efficient, productive, and profitable. It enables Canadian businesses to quickly identify and request a TELUS-approved IoT solution, dramatically simplifying the complexity and reducing the deployment time of IoT technology.

PlaceSpeak is a pioneering, location-based citizen engagement solution designed to consult with individuals residing within specific jurisdictional or geographic boundaries. As part of this referral agreement, TELUS can now refer PlaceSpeak to organizations in a number of verticals, including local government, transportation authorities, public utilities, and more.

PlaceSpeak’s unique geo-verification technology makes it easy for decision-makers to notify, engage with, and hear from real, relevant people who will be impacted by proposed initiatives or policies. With the support of the IoT Marketplace, PlaceSpeak is looking forward to the potential to greatly accelerate adoption and transform the way the public sector engages with the public.

“PlaceSpeak is delighted to partner with TELUS to bring its unique approach to citizen engagement together with TELUS’ incredible reach across Canada,” said CEO Colleen Hardwick. “Working with TELUS, PlaceSpeak will have the ability to scale meaningfully across the country reaching public sector organizations at all levels.”


Mary Leong
Communications Manager, PlaceSpeak Inc.
[email protected]

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