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PlaceSpeak Launches New Activity and Profile Pages


We’ve improved PlaceSpeak to better reflect how our users engage with their communities online.

By adding a new Activity Page and Profile Page, these new features make it easier for people to connect with decision-makers and with each other, in the spaces where they live, work, and play.

Activity Page

activity page

All user activity can be viewed and accessed by the activity page, or what we like to call the “Dashboard for Real Life”. When you are logged in, this is the default page when you visit PlaceSpeak. This page provides a quick snapshot of all relevant activities in your immediate vicinity, including:

  • New consultation topics in your area
  • New comments on topics you’re following
  • Topic updates
  • Discussion replies
  • Neighbourhood events

Tip: Watch our tutorial video to see it in action. 

Your Profile

profile page

All of your personal details can be easily viewed and edited through your profile, including:

  • Personal details (name, age, date of birth, description)
  • Connected social media accounts
  • Verification level
  • Your places
  • Your Neighbourhood page

Tip: Watch our tutorial video to see it in action. 


This new update has also made it easier to edit your settings, including:

  • Your places: Typical uses are My Home, My Office, My Recreational Property.
  • Verification settings: It is possible to be verified at more than one location.

  • Privacy settings: For each topic that you are connected to, you can choose whether or not to show your Profile Picture or your Name in public discussions.

  • Frequency of notifications: You can choose to be notified of new topics by according to your preferences in frequency, distance and subject or keywords.

Try out these new features for yourself today!

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