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PlaceSpeak Launches in Dallas, Texas


Photo: Robert HensleyFlickr

The City of Dallas’ Planning & Urban Design Department has incorporated PlaceSpeak as part of its Neighborhood Plus city-wide neighborhood revitalization plan. The project aims to engage local residents and a diverse range of community-based stakeholders and partner agencies in shaping the future of each neighborhood.

To highlight the the voices of local residents, PlaceSpeak’s unique geo-verification technology allows the City to gather feedback specifically within the target neighborhoods, while providing the convenience of participating online.

So far, Neighborhood Plus has launched in two neighborhoods: Skyline and Kiest Cliff. Online citizen engagement processes will be launched in 13 neighborhoods in total.

“We’re very excited to launch PlaceSpeak in two of our target areas. We believe that it will enhance our engagement process by connecting citizens together to actively participate in the decision-making processes impacting their community,” said Karen Riley, Neighborhood Vitality Manger at the City of Dallas.

To learn more, check out the Neighborhood Plus project here.

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