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Public Consultation Video

How PlaceSpeak Improves Public Consultations


PlaceSpeak advisor Gordon Price explains how our platform can enhance the quality of public consultations by improving communication between everybody involved:


Transcript: How PlaceSpeak Improves Public Consultations

[PlaceSpeak] gives decision makers some way of assessing—far more realistically than they can now—how the effected people believe a project will affect them.  It gives them a chance to comment in a way they wouldn’t otherwise; it reaches people who wouldn’t otherwise be reached; and, it has a chance—I think—of diffusing miscommunication. But it really is more of an opportunity  for people to understand what their neighbours and others who are affected by whatever the decision is [are thinking].

By making that dialogue more sophisticated, more in-depth, even just making it clear to other people what others are thinking, [PlaceSpeak] has a chance to add—maybe—some civility to your project or process that would otherwise be derailed by poor communication, lack of communication, [or] by a lack of understanding. It fills in the holes.


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