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PlaceSpeak on front page of the Freeman Courier

Freeman, South Dakota

PlaceSpeak is honoured to be included on the front page of the Freeman Courier earlier this week. Freeman is in South Dakota, USA.

Freeman, South Dakota

We are hosting a topic for the Freeman Arts/Earth Center project. The proposed centre is a project encountering the challenges of rural revitalization through heritage, the arts and sustainability. Local residents are teaming up with big players from the outside to determine if a facility for research and education, the performing arts, greenhouse production is sustainable in the community.

From the article:

One other way leaders in this project are drumming up interest is through social media and an online presence. Hofer has developed a Freeman Arts/Earth Center page on Facebook and given the project a detailed explanation on PlaceSpeak, an online platform that allows communities and organizations to share information about their projects and drive dialogue.


Freeman Arts/Earth Center PlaceSpeak PageThe landscape in rural communities has shifted dramatically in the last couple of generations, bringing up a variety of BIG questions: How do we create new economic and cultural opportunities in our rural communities in the midst of large scale changes in our world? And how do we do that right here in our small town of Freeman, South Dakota?

A group of Freeman residents has begun an exciting journey to build a centre for the Arts that works in close collaboration with a local commercial greenhouse operation. They call it the Freeman Arts/Earth Center. It integrates their love for the arts with a love for agriculture, and it enables an alternative economic model for their talents as growers and as artisans, performers, educators and cooks.

The PlaceSpeak topic page website is designed to be a public forum not only for people from the Freeman area, but also  those who care about rural issues across the United States. We want to explore the issues together and incorporate your voice into our proposed project.

Over the next several months, this “virtual town hall” will allow the proponents to consider the feedback and ideas offered by participants like you and to collaborate online as they move forward with this process.




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