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PlaceSpeak and Evidence Based Decision Making


Just before New Year’s, the Vancouver Sun published an editorial outlining their wish for 2012; namely public policy that is based on evidence.  In the column they noted that:

Vancouver Sun logoYet while it is true that democratic governments must represent the people, it’s also important that they do so responsibly. And that means they must advocate for, and implement, policies that are likely to be both effective and cost-effective. In other words, they must be committed to evidence-based policy.

The article concludes with the following wish:

So at the top of our wish list for next year is the wish that all elected officials, and all political parties, commit to a program of evidence-based policy. This means that regardless of their political ideology, they should propose and implement policies that, according to the evidence, will actually reduce crime or homelessness or global warming, or whatever it is the policies are ostensibly aimed at. And furthermore, politicians and political parties should also be able to provide solid evidence that these policies will achieve their aims in the most cost-effective way.

In recent years, we have heard a great deal about populist politics, about politicians who seek to ingratiate themselves with the public to obtain and maintain popularity.

Now it is time to hear about evidence-based politics, about politicians who commit to doing what works, and what’s economical, for everyone’s welfare.

PlaceSpeak wholeheartedly agrees with this wish for evidence based decision-making.  Indeed, one of the central goals of our online platform is to enable inclusive, informed public participation in policy development and decision-making.  Part of this means ensuring that  decision makers are confident that they are receiving meaningful feedback from the right places.

This is why we require that all our users verify themselves and their addresses before speaking their minds.  By doing so, we help ensure that any decisions that occur as a result of our topics are made on an authentic and informed basis.

Here’s to embracing evidence based public policy in 2012 and beyond!



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