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End-to-End Security with PlaceSpeak


Here is the fifth in our series of posts on how PlaceSpeak is committed to the protection of our participants’ personal information and our persistent efforts in ensuring their privacy.

PlaceSpeak is recognized as a Privacy by Design Ambassador. Privacy by Design is a concept developed by Ontario’s former Information and Privacy Commissioner, Dr. Ann Cavoukian, in the 1990’s, to address the ever-growing and systemic effects of Information and Communication Technologies, and of large–scale networked data systems. The goals of Privacy by Design — ensuring privacy and gaining personal control over one’s information and, for organizations, gaining a sustainable competitive advantage — is accomplished by practicing the 7 Foundational Principles.

The fifth principle focuses on ensuring cradle to grave management of information.

End-to-End Security

Privacy by Design, having been embedded into the system prior to the first element of information being collected, extends throughout the entire life-cycle of the data involved, from start to finish. This ensures that at the end of the process, all data are securely destroyed, in a timely fashion. Thus, Privacy by Design ensures cradle to grave, life-cycle management of information, end-to-end.

Here is Dr. Cavoukian talking about how privacy by design extends throughout the entire life-cycle of the data involved, from start to finish:



From the first point of contact until the disposal of data, PlaceSpeak seeks to collect the minimal information for stated purposes that are fully disclosed to both proponents and participants.


PlaceSpeak collects personal information for the stated purposes of verifying identity and place and keep the minimal amount of data. PlaceSpeak stores data on secure servers throughout the life cycle. Profiles and identities are protected immediately following verification and are secured through all processes at PlaceSpeak. Participants have sole access to their profiles and do not have the option of sharing it with others.


PlaceSpeak provides full disclosure about the security and management of information to proponents and participants.


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