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PlaceSpeak to attend UBCM 2012 Annual Convention


PlaceSpeak’s Director of Community Engagement, Yuri Artibise, will attending the Union of British Columbia Municipalities (UBCM) 2012 Annual Convention in Victoria, BC on Thursday, September 27, 2012. The UBCM is an organization that has served and represented the interests of local governments in BC since 1905.

From the convention brochure (pdf):

Elected leaders know the value of communication. As communication tools continue to multiply, we are becoming more connected,  more engaged, and more involved. Community members want a say in how neighbourhoods are built, what our road networks look  like, and what local governments spend tax dollars on. People in our communities are looking for information, and a connection to  elected representatives in order to influence change.

Communications that are highly developed and ever-changing is the way of the future. Through blogging or tweeting, community  consultation via Facebook, or podcasts and online video of key announcements, there are more ways than ever to connect with the  community.

As local governments explore the potential of these tools, the basic questions of good governance remain: are we hearing what the
community is saying, and does the community hear what we are saying?

This year’s Convention theme is around communication. Whether it’s with local residents, other levels of governments, or our teenager at home, this year’s focus will be on improving these relationships by examining how we relay our messages and how we receive feedback.

As we gather in the Capital this year, we can also put our minds to our partnerships, relationships and communications with the provincial government as we strive for effective and clear messaging – in conversation.

The conversation has begun, and together we will see where it leads.


If you will be at the convention and would like to learn more about PlaceSpeak, please let Yuri know.  He would be glad to set up a meeting with you.


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