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PlaceSpeak Announces Strategic Partnership with FluidSurveys


PlaceSpeak and FluidSurveys form a technology alliance to enhance an integrated geo-social public consultation platform.

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PlaceSpeak today announced a strategic partnership with FluidSurveys, which will enhance FluidSurveys position in online surveys with an added capability of Geo-verification of survey takers, while significantly expanding PlaceSpeak’s reach globally and other key, high-growth markets.

“Our integration of FluidSurveys technology allows us to better serve our clients by giving them the option of leveraging any pre-existing investments in FluidSurveys whilst still getting the engaged-crowd and geographic benefits of PlaceSpeak.”

– William Cadell, CTO of PlaceSpeak.  

“Nothing makes us more proud than to be a part of awesome community endeavors such as what PlaceSpeak is spearheading – FluidSurveys is great software and we’re happy that it’s being used to do great things”

– Aydin Mirzaee CEO FluidSurveys

Working with such an influential online survey partner such as FluidSurveys, it will increase PlaceSpeak’s competitive edge in the world of geosocial online public consultation and engagement. While PlaceSpeak is currently only known in the local government space, this move will increase our visibility into a more diverse market such as organizations with a large customer base, while helping organizations adopt the new era of geo-location based online public engagement.


About FluidSurveys

FluidSurveys.com is a do -it-yourself online survey and feedback collection tool. It is currently used in over 40 countries across the globe. With FluidSurveys, anyone can build surveys and forms and collect responses in real time with ease. FluidSurveys.com also offers powerful analytics and a built in respondent panel to gather all the data in one place. Their customers include government institutions, universities and colleges and Fortune 500 companies.


About PlaceSpeak

PlaceSpeak is the first location-based community consultation platform that connects citizen users with government or private organizations to engage on topics taking place in their own neighbourhoods or issues that they have an interest in. The platform connects people’s online identities with their residential addresses so that they can voice their opinions electronically in a wide variety of forums and provide proponents with confidence that they are receiving feedback from the right places. Learn more on www.placespeak.com.



Colleen Hardwick, CEO
PlaceSpeak c/o New City Ventures Inc.
Phone: 1-778.999.7677
Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @PlaceSpeak
FaceBook: www.facebook.com/PlaceSpeak
Hailley Griffis, Public Relations Coordinator
Phone: 1-613.710.1814
Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @FluidSurveys
Facebook: www.facebook.com/FluidSurveys

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