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PlaceSpeak announces integration with NationBuilder


Today, PlaceSpeak announced its integration with NationBuilder, a community engagement software used by organizations worldwide. With elections looming in Canada and the United States, potential candidates are beginning to think about the most effective methods for engaging with the public, building strong relationships, and ultimately turning people out to the polls.

PlaceSpeak was designed to gather feedback online from people with specific geographic or jurisdictional boundaries, such as electoral or congressional districts. By enabling the collection of trusted and actionable public feedback, PlaceSpeak’s integration with NationBuilder helps candidates transition seamlessly from campaigning to governing.

During the campaign period, PlaceSpeak gives NationBuilder’s clients the confidence that they are having authentic online conversations with potential voters and supporters – not bots or trolls. As resident or non-resident comments and responses can be sorted, candidates can more accurately identify community priorities and concerns.

Following the election, elected officials can make better decisions by continuing to engage the robust database of supporters that they have established in their jurisdiction. By gathering input that accurately reflects the opinions of community members, they can confidently use that information to guide decision-making.

As privacy and data concerns remain at the forefront of people’s minds, PlaceSpeak ensures that the personal information of users is kept secure. PlaceSpeak was designed with Privacy by Design principles in mind, and the information that is used to authenticate participants is never shared, sold or otherwise distributed. Candidates can be confident that they are hearing from relevant potential voters and supporters, while mitigating risk by never having access to their personal information.

“PlaceSpeak was created for public officials to consult with their constituents online within specific jurisdictional boundaries,” said Colleen Hardwick, PlaceSpeak Founder and CEO. “NationBuilder helps get candidates elected by organizing their supporters, and once elected, PlaceSpeak makes it possible to consult with all constituents within boundaries in a defensible and privacy-protecting manner. I see great value in a partnership between the two.”

Learn more about integrating PlaceSpeak into your NationBuilder site.

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