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PlaceSpeak Achieves Milestone with over 1,250 Neighbourhoods


PlaceSpeak is excited to announce that it has achieved another significant milestone: over 1,250 active neighbourhoods in 15 cities across Canada. This means that over 60% of PlaceSpeak users have Neighbourhoods available in their community.

Neighbourhoods Coverage

Since launching the GeoSocial network in April 2015, PlaceSpeak has quickly expanded Neighbourhoods to cities including Toronto, Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton, and Vancouver. The online feature, which allows neighbours to connect and communicate with each other, has been well-received by community associations, neighbourhood groups, and residents. The strong desire to develop a sense of community among neighbours has proven to be a driving force behind the growth of Neighbourhoods.

“All too often we hear that people don’t know who lives on their own block, let alone in the community at-large,” says Colleen Hardwick, CEO of PlaceSpeak. “There’s a lot of hyper local information that can be shared online; simple things like finding lost pets, borrowing power tools or recommending babysitters. Neighbourhoods provides an opportunity for individuals to connect with other neighbours on an online platform.”

With Neighbourhoods, PlaceSpeak aims to help build community and foster neighbourhood connections by providing a forum where residents can not only get to know their neighbours, but also find out everything happening in their community. The feature allows residents living within specific neighbourhood boundaries to post items of interest to a community notice board, create and share local events, and send private messages to one another.

To connect to your neighbourhood, visit www.placespeak.com

Alternatively, to request Neighbourhoods in your city send us an email at [email protected]

List of cities with Neighbourhoods:

+ 386 Edmonton, AB
+ 247 Toronto, ON
+ 239 Calgary, AB
+ 174 Winnipeg, MB
+ 68 Vancouver, BC
+ 48 District of North Vancouver, BC
+ 27 Surrey, BC
+ 25 Delta, BC
+ 19 Nanaimo, BC
+ 14 Victoria, BC
+ 14 Gulf Islands, BC
+ 11 New Westminster, BC
+ 9 Chestermere, AB
+ 7 Fort St. John
+ 5 Wolfville, NS


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