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PlaceSpeak: 21st Century Innovation in Public Participation


PlaceSpeak was recently featured in an article in Plan Canada, a quarterly magazine published by the Canadian Institute of Planners.  The article was written by PlaceSpeak associate Maureen Mendoaza.

Canadian Institute of Planners

Here is a summary:

This article discusses current technological innovation in public consultation, highlighting Vancouver-grown platform, PlaceSpeak. It outlines how current consultation practices and the need for evidence-based decision-making lend themselves to the adoption of online consultation methods and the support for ‘civic technology.’

The article considers how place-based, authenticated consultation better connects citizens to decision-makers.  Further, the article highlights how the early adopters—users and proponents alike—of PlaceSPeak have contributed, and benefitted from,online consultation. Finally, this discussion suggests how planners have the potential to innovate public consultation processes both on and offline.


PlaceSpeak: 21st Century Innovation in Public Participation by PlaceSpeak


Download a pdf of the article: Plan Canada – PlaceSpeak (Winter 2012).


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