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PlaceSpeak Attending 2014 Code For America Summit


cfa logoPlaceSpeak’s Hugh Stimson will be attending the 2014 Code for America Summit in San Francisco between September 23 and 25th.

This annual Summit is when the Code for America civic innovation community gathers in person for three days of collaborating, connecting, and learning. It’s a roll-up-your-sleeves kind of event that convenes innovators from dozens of local governments and mixes it up with civic-minded technologists, designers, community organizers, and entrepreneurs.

If you’ll also be there, please say hi to Hugh!

More Information on the CFA Summit


A growing community of gov geeks around the country is changing City Hall from the inside out. Participants include department directors, Mayors, City Council members, Chief Innovation Officers, CTOs, policy directors, budget analysts, HR managers, procurement officers, City Attorneys, City Managers, communications managers, planners, and more — from cities and counties of all sizes.


The civic tech movement is driven by community members committed to using their voices and hands, in collaboration with local governments, to make their cities better. Civic-minded technologists at the Summit range from developers and designers to researchers, community organizers, and data scientists — along with foundations, funders, and partner organizations who enable this work.


A civic tech ecosystem is emerging where competition spurs innovation, governments get value for investment, and most importantly, resident needs are more effectively met. Startup entrepreneurs and tech companies who provide tools to support the work of public service attend the Summit to participate in meaningful dialogue and take their understanding of civic tech to the next level.


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