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Announcing Place It—An Interactive Mapping Tool


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PlaceSpeak recently released Place It, a new interactive mapping tool. Place It allows users to post comments on maps within specific geographical areas. It combines an easy and accessible mode of PPGIS (public participation geographic information systems) with PlaceSpeak’s existing suite of online LBS (location-based service) tools to obtain verifiable feedback data for informing decision-making and policy development.

About Place It

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Place It is a easy-to-use tool for enhancing location-specific online consultations. It allows participants to place points and comments on a map indicating preferences. Whether it is determining the best site for a park or a bike lane, the tool allows participants to contribute their feedback and vote on the contributions of others.  Proponents of consultations can easily set up the interactive map as part of their PlaceSpeak consultation topic page, and export reports in a variety of formats.

Place It and PlaceSpeak combine to open up the deliberation process, allowing people unfiltered access to the ideas, opinions and preferences of others who share their interests in a particular topic, development or initiative.

I love being in a community hall with my neighbours, sticking post-it notes on a big map and talking about what’s good and what’s bad and where. Patterns emerge and we learn from each other. Place It is like that, but available 24-7 without parking and child care and that guy who won’t let go of the mic.

—Hugh Stimson, Product manager at PlaceSpeak

Place It is an interactive tool that mimics the live process where participants post comments on a map. Place It gives participants the flexibility to post comments in a specific geographical context, which helps proponents better understand public opinion.

PlaceSpeak for Proponents

Pricing and Availability

Place It is included as a feature of PlaceSpeak’s Premium and Enterprise plans. For more information, visit consult.placespeak.com.


PlaceSpeak for Participants


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