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By the Numbers: Downtown Vancouver Jobs, Office and Residential Space


From the Coast Hotel on Comox Street, a pretty nice skyline of downtown Vancouver.

Flickr: Stephen Downes

This morning, Gordon Price, Director of the City Program at Simon Fraser University—and a PlaceSpeak Advisor—posted this interesting tidbit of data on Price Tags, his personal website:



A friend asked for the following:

From 1990 to 2010 , what was the increase in the square footage of office space, in the number of units of residential and some quantitative measure of vehicle miles travelled or auto congestion.

And I got some numbers from various sources for the Downtown [Vancouver] Peninsula, which I thought I’d share:

  • In 1990 Colliers International said there were 19,511,000 sq ft of office space Downtown; in 2010 that was 24,465,697.
  • Total jobs Downtown have gone from around 130,000 to about 170,000, as floorspace per worker has fallen, and we added some additional hotels and restaurants as well.
  • In 1991 there were 31,880 occupied dwellings in the Downtown (26,240 in the West End). By 2006 that had risen to 53,979 (28,948 in the West End)
  • There are about 10,000 more added since then to 2010, 600 of them in the West End.



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