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Noteworthy News: November 28th-December 2nd


Here is a curated list of this week’s interesting information from the internet:

  • Bike Helmet Sharing Without the Cooties: Bike sharing and mandatory helmet laws have so far seemed mutually exclusive. In the next couple of years, though, someone will have to figure out how to make the two coexist, because mandatory-helmet-wearing Vancouver and Seattle want in on the bike-share trend. (Atlantic Cities)
  • Do we (still) need Vancouver? A few years ago urban guru Leon Krier asked this question: “Do we still need Vancouver?” While Leon emphatically stated “no” in answering his own question, San Diego has answered with a resounding “yes.” (New Urban Network)
  • Why is Vancouver so healthy? It’s all in the design How did Vancouver become the healthiest city in Canada? It all comes down to city planning. (OpenFile Vancouver)







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