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Noteworthy News: Oct 29th- Nov 4th


A curation of interesting items from the past week’s news:

  • Anonymity + The Internet = Jerks: Anonymously behaving badly and/or mean-spiritedly on the Internet represent the capacity for humanity to cowardly throw toxic bombs into our communities without being accountable. (DailyGumboot.ca)
  • Why Slacktivism Is Underrated: Slacktivists tend to get a bad rap: they lack real commitment, care only about self-satisfaction and don’t contribute to meaningful change.  So why waste time with these lightweight social activists? Because new research shows just how valuable social actions (however easy) can be. (Mashable)
  • House values skyrocket in Vancouver’s Cambie corridorSix months after Vancouver City Council approved a plan to transform the Cambie Street corridor, homes in the area have nearly tripled in value and some residents fear development will ruin the neighbourhood. (CBC News)
  • It Takes a Village to Raise a City: Redevelopment in existing communities requires communication, co-operation and consultation to find common ground. (Open File Calgary)



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