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Northern Rockies Regional Municipality Infrastructure Development Contribution Agreement


As a key tool in the Northern Rockies Regional Municipality’s communication strategy for implementation of the Infrastructure Development Contribution Agreement (IDCA) and the public referendum that is scheduled for June 8, 2013, the NRRM has created a PlaceSpeak account.

NRRM Infrastructure Development Contribution Agreement Facts

  • The Infrastructure Development Contribution Agreement is the legal instrument for the Province to provide up to $10 million annually to the NRRM for infrastructure funding for 20 years, beginning in 2015 through 2035, contingent upon an overall capital expenditure and asset management plan of at least $20 million each year over the lifetime of the agreement.
  • The purpose of the agreement is to ensure that the NRRM`s community infrastructure is upgraded and expanded to facilitate the growth in BC’s natural gas industry, and also future forestry and mining development.
  • Future infrastructure costs will be shared equitably between the Province and the Northern Rockies with the Province generally assuming growth related costs and the NRRM assuming non-growth related costs.
  • This partnership agreement between the Province and the NRRM will action both parties planning and investing in NRRM’s infrastructure decision making – and will focus on proactive, long term and adaptive capital planning tied to industrial and community growth.
  • An Infrastructure Management Committee (two NRRM and two Provincial representatives) will be formed for the duration of the agreement. The role and function of the management committee is to review the rolling — one, five and twenty year Capital Plans submitted by the NRRM and to make a single recommendation to the respective Ministers for approvals which will trigger the annual Provincial grant.

Infrastructure Development Contribution Agreement

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