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New City of Nanaimo Transportation Possibilities Survey

City of Nanaimo MTP Banner

City of Nanaimo MTP Banner

City of Nanaimo Transportation Possibilities

The City of Nanaimo has posted Discussion Paper #3 – Transportation Possibilities on their PlaceSpeak topic page.

This paper outlines potential policies and actions for each element of the Nanaimo Transportation Master Plan [NTMP] including:  Land Use, Walking, Cycling, Transit, Major Roads, Neighbourhood Transportation, Parking and Strategic Connections. These policies and actions have been developed to meet the targets, goals and objectives of the NMTP and address the issues and opportunities identified through consultation in the Fall of 2012. A draft Transportation Master Plan will be developed based on the feedback received over the coming weeks. The following materials relate to the current phase of the NTMP and which can be viewed under the Resource Tab:

New Survey

As part of phase 3, the City of Nanaimo has also posted a new online survey. Please participate by completing the survey on the PlaceSpeak topic page. Remember you must be registered with PlaceSpeak and connected to this topic before you can take the survey.

The Plan

The City of Nanaimo is developing a new long-term Transportation Master Plan. Transportation touches every part of our daily lives, affecting how we move, how food, goods and services reach us, how we access employment, our household budgets, what housing choices we make, how our City looks and feels and how we interact with our fellow citizens.

As our City approaches 100,000 people, these issues will become more complex and more important, requiring an overall plan for transportation moving into the future. The Nanaimo Transportation Master Plan (NTMP) will guide transportation decision-making in the City over the next 25 years and beyond and will recommend improvements for all modes of transportation, including walking, cycling, public transit, goods movement, and vehicles. This process is important to ensure that transportation investments work towards achieving the City’s strategic goals, make the best use of our tax dollars and help shift towards a more sustainable future.


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