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A Modern Way of Facilitating Engagement


Mike Harcourt talks about the important role that PlaceSpeak plays in facilitating citizen engagement. Mr. Harcourt is the Chair of PlaceSpeak’s Board of Directors.


Transcript: A Modern Way of Facilitating Engagement

There are a lot of people, 95% just don’t want to go to public meetings, feel intimidated by them, bored by them, aggravated, much rather use the tool like PlaceSpeak or be engaged with another very interesting tool, Quest, which allows future scenario building. So we have these modern-day ways of facilitating citizen’s engagement and I like PlaceSpeak, it plays a very important role, I could have used them when I think back on being the chair of the planning committee on city council when I was a council member and as mayor, of engaging citizens on a whole bunch of big issues.

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